Amanda FormaroAmanda Formaro is a published author and professional blogger with over 18 years online experience. Her work has appeared on websites and in magazines such as Parents, Family Fun, PBS Kids, Disney's Spoonful, SheKnows, Redbook, Mixing Bowl and more. Please contact Amanda to inquire how she can provide fabulous crafts or recipes for your site or brand. You can visit her blogs here.
The Whispering Woman - by Amanda Formaro

I was reminded the other day that we shouldn’t judge people by the way they look. I taught my children not to do it, yet there I was, standing in the customer service line at Walmart doing exactly that. There were two women in front of me and it was their turn at the counter. […]

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A couple weeks ago, Dorie Greenspan, author of Baking From My Home to Yours, agreed to let me interview her. Thrilled by the prospect, I already knew several questions I wanted to ask, but thought it wise to do some homework first. There are plenty of interviews with Dorie, many that discuss her love of […]

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