Craft Contributor at Ganz Parents Club

Recently I was hired to be the Craft Contributor for Ganz Parents Club. Ganz is a family owned company based in Canada that began in 1950 as Ganz Toy Company. They were a premier toy company for many years, then as more generations of the family came into the business, the company evolved into more products and changed its name to Ganz. You may know them also from their famous toys Webkinz, which are cute stuffed animals that have a virtual life online. Children and parents can log on to, enter their unique code that came with their Webkinz and participate in all sorts of fun activities with their pets! They also own Webkinz Jr. and the Ganz Parents Club.

You’ll find a new craft project from me every Monday on Ganz Parents Club. Hope you’ll stop by and say hello. 🙂

Craft Contributor at Ganz Parents Club

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