On Location: Chicago's Randolph Street Market

I’ve been writing articles for websites since 1999. In the last 3 or 4 years my writing has been mostly limited to craft tutorials, recipes and blog posts with an occasional article here and there. That’s when I realized how much I actually missed writing. Not just writing about anything, but rather about my hands on experiences as they relate to my business. I was recently invited to visit the Randolph Street Market in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago is a beautiful city, one that I spent quite a bit of time in when I was young. However, since moving to Wisconsin those visits have sadly become few and far between. So when the invitation came in I arranged to meet Wendy Piersall, fellow blogger and entrepreneur so we could peruse the market together. We had a marvelous time and really enjoyed browsing all the fabulous antiques and finds. You can read all about our experience here on my Craft Gossip blog.

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