Amanda Formaro heading back to create kid's craft projects for Spoonful after Kaboose roll up

Back in the fall of 2003 I was approached by and asked to create kid’s craft projects for their website. On average, I created 10 craft tutorials per month for the first year. It later increased to 15 crafts per month and then a couple years in, Disney bought the Canadian company. I continued to work with Disney for a few more years until 2008 when there were many, many changes going on. At that point, I had created, written and photographed well over 500 projects for the site. I’ve kept in touch with them, especially as they began rolling their Kaboose content over to Spoonful was created after Disney sold the print magazine, Family Fun, to Meredith Corporation. To keep confusion down, the Family Fun website was renamed Spoonful as the print portion was the only thing going to Meredith. So as Spoonful began migrating the Kaboose content, many of my projects went with (in fact, in the screenshot above you will see some Paper Cup Turkeys I made for Kaboose quite a few years ago). So now you can find many of those Kaboose projects I made on Spoonful.

But that’s not all. I’ve kept in touch and am excited to announce that 5 years after I stopped making crafts for Kaboose, beginning on December 1st, I will be returning to the Disney family and again creating fun kid’s crafts for Spoonful! It’s wonderful to come full circle and I’m very excited to be working with the Disney folks again. Watch for more fun crafts next month! You can find all of my crafts on Spoonful here. has now rolled up into has now rolled up into

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