Custom Portraits on Wood - AmandaFormaro.comAlmost two years ago I created some wood plaques with family snapshots for my living room.

Custom Portraits on Wood - AmandaFormaro.comI was recently contacted by Dawn from Nicoli Productions, a photography studio in the San Diego area of California.

Custom Portraits on Wood - AmandaFormaro.comShe hired me to create some portrait samples that she can hang in her studio for clients to see and order.

Custom Portraits on Wood - AmandaFormaro.comThese portraits can be done in any color you like.

Custom Portraits on Wood - AmandaFormaro.comI do a lot of the distressed look, but can do whatever finish you like.

The photo edges are torn to give them a more rustic look, however if you prefer a more traditional look the edges can be left clean cut.

Custom Portraits on Wood - AmandaFormaro.comThank you Dawn for your orders and the opportunity to create these for you!

If you are interested in discussing portraits for your family or as a gift, please contact me to discuss.

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