Amanda FormaroAmanda Formaro is a published author and professional blogger with over 18 years online experience. Her work has appeared on websites and in magazines such as Parents, Family Fun, PBS Kids, Disney's Spoonful, SheKnows, Redbook, Mixing Bowl and more. Please contact Amanda to inquire how she can provide fabulous crafts or recipes for your site or brand. You can visit her blogs here.
Custom Portrait: Cheryl's Daughters by AmandaFormaro.com

I’ve said before that I have several friends in the blogosphere, some that I’ve met in person, some that I haven’t. Cheryl of Tidy Mom is someone I’ve been working with online for quite a while but haven’t had the opportunity to meet in person yet. When Cheryl sent me this photograph of her beautiful […]

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Custom Portrait: The Mann Family - AmandaFormaro.com

I’ve said before that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of my blogging friends in person. This year I traveled quite a bit, but in June my friend Heather of Dollar Store Crafts came to CHA in Chicago, my neck of the woods. It was great to finally meet Heather and Amy as well! Heather […]

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Custom Pet Portrait: Nellie for Amy - AmandaFormaro.com

If you frequent craft and DIY blogs, then chances are good that you’ve heard of the Mod Podge Queen, Amy Anderson of Mod Podge Rocks! So needless to say when Amy sent me a picture of her adorable pug, Nellie, I was a little intimidated. Amy is my good friend, don’t get me wrong, but […]

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Custom Portraits on Wood - AmandaFormaro.com

Almost two years ago I created some wood plaques with family snapshots for my living room. I was recently contacted by Dawn from Nicoli Productions, a photography studio in the San Diego area of California. She hired me to create some portrait samples that she can hang in her studio for clients to see and […]

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